Test 2: Other Category

In this episode the robot will assist the staff of a coffee shop to take care of their customers. The robot is required to recognise and report the status of all tables inside the shop, to take orders from customers and to deliver objects to and from the customers’ tables.

Episode 3 Arena Set up and Shopping Cart

The main functionalities that are evaluated in this episode are people perception and object perception. Moreover, in connection with Episode 2 we will address also the interaction through sign language. The latter will be considered as an option that would have an impact on the score, but is not mandatory. It is worth mentioning that the robot should have other functionalities (although not explicitly targeted in the score) including navigation, speech synthesis, spoken language.

This episode can be entered in a Gazebo simulator modality or with actual robots. Moreover, the teams will be allowed to participate in the competition both remotely and onsite. Notice that remote participation is possible also on real robots, since a TIAGO robot will be available to run the code provided by remote participants.

The sign language component is not available in the simulated scenario, but it will be included on the real robot version, as an option to increase the overall score.