Full program announced for ERF 2020 Workshop

We are happy to announce the full program of the Workshop “Empowering robotics research and tech transfer via competitions” taking place on 5th March from 8:30 to 10:00 and 10:45 to 12:15 at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) 2020 in Málaga, Spain, Room 4. http://erf2020.eu

Part 1 program includes presentations from different competitions around the globe and a panel discussion while Part 2 will start with a homage to Prof. Gerhard Kraetzschmar followed by industry perspectives and team experiences. We have gathered a broad representation of competitions and all their stakeholders: organisers, industry and teams. This will be vital for the panel discussions during both slots. We invite all attendees to contribute to the discussions as well. Please find below the full program.

08:30-08:35       Introduction by the organisers

08:35-08:50       European Robotics League: The first SciRoc Challenge, current status and outlook for 2020/21 – Prof. Pedro Lima

08:50-09:05       MBZIRC2020 – Iberian Robotics Team – Prof. Anibal Ollero

09:05-09:20       EUROBENCH EU Project – Dr. Diego Torricelli

09:20-09:55       Panel discussion with all participants

09:55-10:00       Wrap-up by the organizers

10:45-10:50       Welcome and introduction

10:50-10:55       Homage to Gerhard Kraetzschmar – Prof. Pedro Lima

10:55-11:10       ERL Emergency Telerob Team – Dr. Andreas Ciossek

11:10-11:25       PAL Robotics – Dr. Alessandro Di Fava

11:25-11:40       Marine robotics competitions – Dr. Tamás Haidegger

11:40-11:55       Team Homer – Raphael Memmesheimer

11:55-12:10       How to improve the Tech Transfer from competitions (Discussion & Q&A)

12:10-12:15       Wrap-up and summary

On behalf of all co-organisers (Pedro Lima, Carlos Vivas, Fausto Ferreira, Gabriele Ferri).

Just one week left to register your interest for #SciRoc2021! Registration closes Friday 30 April. Register now via the SciRoc website: https://sciroc.org/2021-challenge-description/ #robotics #AI #robotcompetition #smartcities

#SciRoc2021 will take place in the city of Bologna. We are lucky enough to have #PalazzoReEnzo host our 5 episodes. This historical building is located in the central square AKA #theheartofBologna❤️Join us there this September, register now: https://sciroc.org/2021-challenge-description/ @UniboMagazine

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