E07 – Shopping pick and pack

This is one of the selected episodes that will be part of the competition. For a detailed and up to date description please refer to the official rulebook.

General description. The robot is in one the booths of the mall. On the shelf of the booth are the goodies displayed for sale to the customers. The customers can place orders through a tablet. The robot must move behind the display and collect the requested packages for the customer place them in a box and place the box on a tray where the customer can pick it. The choice of the setting will be refined based on the possibility of finding a sponsor interested in advertising its products (i.e. Lindt, Haribo, Cadbury…).

Platforms allowed. Any mobile platform with a manipulator.

Setting. one of the booths available in the central area of the venue.

Procedure. The episode has a fixed duration. It starts when the robot has been (manually) positioned behind the shelf with a display. The customer who is randomly chosen among the mall visitors places the order via the chosen interaction modality. The total number of goodies is fixed, but not their type. The robot can then collect the items, place them in the box and deliver the box to the customer.

DH interaction. Type: data consumption and generation. The order is placed via an application connected to the MK:DataHub. It will communicate to the robot what to pick (and in which quantity) from the different goodies. Moreover, after having finalised the order, the robot has to update the quantity of each product in the MK:DataHub.

Main functionality(ies). The main functionality tested is Object Perception and Manipulation (the latter including both planning and execution).

Auxiliary functionalities. None.


    • Correct composition of the order.
    • Correct placing of the items in the box.
  • Correct updating of the MK:DataHub.

Penalizing behaviors.

    • Damaging an item.
    • Letting an item fall on the floor.
    • Damaging the basket or the checkout desk.
    • Letting the basket fall to the floor.
  • Wrongly updating the MK:DataHub.