E06 – Wipe a poured drink

General description. The episode is focused on the task of cleaning an area where a customer reported an accidental fall of a cup filled with a drink that is poured on the floor. The robot is informed by the MK:DataHub that a customer reported that a drink is accidentally poured on the floor and the floor must be wiped to avoid slippage and further spreading of the dirt. The robot, equipped with a wiper, should reach the specified location and clean it. While cleaning the robot must ensure that no customer is stepping on the dirt area. When finished, the robot must communicate to the MK:DataHub the location of the dirty area.

Platforms allowed. Any robot that can navigate and localize in the environment, spot the presence of a liquid on the floor and wipe the floor (by covering the dirty surface with the cleaning device.

Setting. The episode takes place in the shopping mall, within a set of predefined areas. The episode starts with the robot placed at any location within shopping mall, when a communication of the need to clean a nearby location is issued by the MK:DataHub.

Procedure. The robot is supposed to know the map of the area from the MK:DataHub. The robot should move to the designated location and spot the dirty area. In order to wipe the floor the robot will be equipped with a simple device (e.g. a sponge or a wiping towel) that will be mounted on a rigid frame easily attachable to the robot so that it will touch the floor without creating a significant friction. The wiper will be the same for all the teams. The cleaning will consist in covering the dirt area with the wiper. During the cleaning customers can pass by and the robot must ensure that they do not step on the dirt. Finally the robot must communicate to the MK:DataHub that the designated area has been cleaned.

DH interaction. Type: data consumption and generation. The MK:DataHub communicates the broad area where a liquid has been poured. After cleaning, the robot has to update status of the area in the MK:DataHub.

Main functionality(ies). The main functionalities tested are Detection of liquid on the floor and Coverage strategies.

Auxiliary functionalities. Other required functionalities are People detection (direction), Navigation, Spoken Language Interaction.


  • Detection and localization of the dirty area.
  • Successful cleaning of the liquid.
  • Successful interaction with passing by customers.
  • Report to the MK:DataHub.

Penalising behaviours.

  • Touching the customers.
  • Further spreading of the dirt (by stepping on the drink or by letting a customer step on the drink).
  • Failing in reporting to the MK:DataHub.