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E01 – Attract a customer

General description. The episode is focused on customer assistance in the context of the SciRoc challenge. The robot approaches a customer (or a group of customers) and provides information about the competition with the aim of convincing the customers to visit one of the episodes. The robot is expected to interact with regular customers of […]

E02 – Shopping Guide

General description. A customer has gone to the mall for some shopping. Robotic shopping assistants operate in the mall to help customers during their shopping. One of their roles to is to accompany customers while wandering in the mall, properly reacting to unexpected situations. The robot task is therefore to safely follow a person through […]

E05 – Unattended item

General description. The episode is focused on the task of detecting unattended items. The robot is assigned an area of the shopping mall to patrol looking for unattended items (i.e. bags, packages), that are left in an location, where there are no customers taking care of them. The robot must ensure that the package is […]

E06 – Wipe a poured drink

General description. The episode is focused on the task of cleaning an area where a customer reported an accidental fall of a cup filled with a drink that is poured on the floor. The robot is informed by the MK:DataHub that a customer reported that a drink is accidentally poured on the floor and the […]

E08 – At the checkout desk

General description. The robot is in front of the checkout desk of a shop or supermarket. On the desk are the items purchased by a customer, which are a set of different objects differing in size and shape as well as in physical properties (such as hardness/deformability, fragility, surface properties). For instance, possible items may […]

E09 – Cart push

General description. A customer decides to pay a visit to the shopping mall to do some shopping. S/he likes to visit shops, but hates to bring around her/his purchases. Fortunately, the mall has some new robot shopping helpers. In fact, as soon as the customer arrives at the mall, one of the “robot helpers” is […]

E11 – Find a lost dog with a drone

General description. The aerial robot must perform a surveillance flight looking for a dog that a customer has reported it was lost in the mall centre. The robot must be able to fly autonomously around the area, detect the lost dog and report its location. There can be obstacles in the flying area that must […]